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Founded in 2001 by DVM Claes-Göran Sjösten N-vet today has about 20 veterinary Rx pharmaceuticals (both originals and generics) plus a few medical products for large and small animals in the Swedish market.

Our philosophy “Best quality and service at a fair price” has gained N-vet the market leader positions in various segments or sub-segments of the veterinary medicines market.  Since 2001 we have continuously grown, even in times when the market has not.

Working with partners such as Norbrook Laboratories, Biopharm Australia, ProVet and Vetcare makes a broad portfolio of well-documented animal pharmaceuticals and products available at a competitive price.

In the case of generics we generally, as opposed to many generic companies, provide full ranges of formulations and packs to provide a complete switch alternative under one brand name in order to simplify things for the veterinary and to save money for the animal/pet owner.

Of cause N-vet is always looking for new novel solutions in terms of Rx, non-prescription drugs or medical products for veterinary use.

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Since 2016 N-vet is part of the Alivira group.